Overview of CHTF


I. The General Introduction of CHTF

Each year, CHTF is co-hosted in Shenzhen by ten ministries and commissions including Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and National Development and Reform Commission and Shenzhen Municipal People's Government. Up to now, 16 CHTFs have been successfully held in succession. For each CHTF, the total exhibition area exceeded 100,000 M2, the exhibitors were nearly 3000 from more than 50 countries and the visitors surpassed 500,000. Currently, it is the largest and most influential scientific and technological fair in China and is renowned as "the No.1 Technology Show in China".

CHTF integrates transaction of achievements, exhibition of products, high-level forum, merchant attraction of projects and cooperation & exchange and focuses on the advanced technologies and products in such fields as energy conservation, environment protection, new generation of information technologies, biology, manufacture of high-end equipment, new energies, new materials and new energy vehicles etc. After many years of development, CHTF has become an important window for the opening outside in China’s high-tech sector and has played a more and more important role in commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of high-tech achievements as well as promotion of the economic and technological exchanges and cooperation between different countries and regions.

II.The Main Content of CHTF


Exhibition zone for delegations

Zone for exhibition and transaction discussion of those participating delegations from the state ministries and commissions, the provinces and municipalities, the universities and colleges as well as the foreign governments (international organizations) and organs.

In it, an Overseas Hi-tech Achievement Show is specially arranged for the foreign high-tech medium and small enterprises and the foreign organs to exhibit the newest technologies and products in the world. This exhibition zone is used by the foreign government or the relevant overseas organs to organize the foreign enterprises (organs) for exhibition of internationally advanced technologies and the international scientific and technological cooperation and exchange. We welcome the foreign government authorities and the industrial associations etc. to organize the delegations for exhibition and will do our best to offer excellent exhibition services for the exhibitors, including making negotiations between the Chinese and foreign enterprises and having introduction meetings about the foreign investment environment etc. Contact No.: 86-0755-82848652.

Specialized Shows

They mainly include

IT of CHTF --- As one of the biggest specialized import and export fairs for information technologies and products in China, it emphatically exhibits hot technologies, products and services in the field of new generation of information technologies namely Cloud Computing, Tri-networks Integration, IOT, Mobile Internet and the fourth generation of mobile communication. Tel: 86-755-8284 8862

New energy and energy saving exhibition area --- As the most attractive specialized show for newly-emerging brands on CHTF, it emphatically exhibits the newest technologies and application products in such fields as solar energy, semiconductor lighting, new energy vehicle, energy conservation in construction as well as other new energy, energy conservation and environment protection fields. Tel: 86-755-8284 8861

CHTF/ELEXCON --- As the hottest "electronic components, materials and integration fair" in China, it emphatically exhibits one-station component solution, flexible manufacturing system, environment and energy technologies, Smart Planet, Intelligent Home, trans-border combination products etc. Tel: 86-755-8831 3466

FPD&LED EXPO CHINA --- As one of the most influential current exhibitions in FPD industry in China, it exhibits the most sophisticated and foremost technologies and products in the current FPD, LED, TP and OLED industries. Tel: 86-755-8614 9086


China High-tech Forum

The conferences under CHTF have won great reputations by the high level of speakers and have become the most influential international platform in the economic and high-tech sectors in China. 12 Nobel Prize winners, more than 70 ministerial-level government officials and more than 400 presidents of trans-national companies, scientific leaders and management elites from various countries of the world made speeches on this platform.

The contents shall include such theme forums as ministerial forum, capital market summit forum and China Entrepreneurship Forum etc. as well as special events such as low carbon technologies, new energy development summit meeting, professional forum of information technology and professional technological discussion etc.

Super-SUPER Special Events

During CHTF, an extended service shall be provided for the exchange outside the fair between the participating organs and the high-level personnel in accordance with the individual needs of participating parties. The modes of activities include those various individualized one-to-one and one-to-many modes namely interview, discussion, business match, visit and investigation, banquet, seminar and promotion etc.

Its objectives are for establishing a high-level coordination and communication channel for the participating domestic and foreign delegations, promoting international and regional economic cooperation, helping the foreign businessmen know about economic and scientific development and investment environment in China, strengthening the connection between the international capital market and the Chinese enterprises and creating the opportunities for attraction of businessmen and capital and import of technologies of domestic provinces and cities and the exchange and development between the domestic and foreign enterprises.

III. The Characteristics of CHTF

State level: CHTF is held under the approval of State Council, hosted by ten ministries and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and received several state leaders like Zhu Rongji, Wu Bangguo, Li Changchun, Wu Yi and Zeng Peiyan. All the provinces, autonomous prefectures, municipalities, cities with separate national economic and social development planning, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are the usual participants of the event.

International: every CHTF attracts many exhibitors from nearly 50 countries coming for trading and negotiation. Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Siemens, British Telcom, Ericsson, Phillip, SAP, Sony and Samsung, such world famous international enterprises come to show their latest technologies and products. Many famous stock exchanges, investment institutions and intermediary organs all come to CHTF together. Many influential people from dozens of countries show their appearances at the CHTF forum.

High level: CHTF displayed a big batch of cutting-edge technological achievements in China and the world. The first-class international enterprises also regard CHTF as a stage for their advanced technologies and products. All the hosts of CHTF select and send projects that can represent the highest level hi-technologies of China to CHTF for displaying and trading. Many national key programs, State Engineering Research Center, the national high technology industrialization demonstration project and National 863 project all come to the fair. CHTF will provide high-level services to all the exhibitors and conference participants with its high-standard modern hall and scientific management system.

Large scale: all the provinces, autonomous prefectures, municipalities, cities with separate national economic and social development planning, about 30 famous universities, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are the usual participants of the event. There are thousands of exhibitors, projects and investors at every CHTF. Over 500 thousand people come to visit and negotiate and over 300 media with more than one thousand reporters come to report. CHTF can be said as the biggest trade market of technologies and products and the base for their imports and exports.

Productive: the rich resources of CHTF are a large number of exhibitors, exhibition projects, investors, high-level audiences and concentrated professional buyers. There are over 50 thousand people coming to CHTF and the trading volume of products and technologies is over USD 13 billion. Every time, tens of organizations from banking, insurance, notarization, guarantee and law come to CHTF to offer their services for the transaction of technologies. The hi-tech human and intellectual resource exchange, beginning from the sixth CHTF, builds up a platform for the participation enterprises in providing talents and intelligence.

Professional: CHTF provides professional services for the people from the fields of science and technology, economy and business and holds over 30 exchange activities of all kinds. The specialty of CHTF is obvious: Specialized shows, which is a specialized occasion for the experts in the fields of IT, electronic and FPD to exchange ideas, trade and negotiate. Professional audiences at high proportion, according to the survey to the audiences of the 8th CHTF, the professional visitors were high as 79.5% and the professional customer popularity index reached 278 (the data is provided by Horizon-China Company). A qualified and professional working group, whose members that hold the intermediate and senior professional titles and postgraduate diploma account for over 60%. Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center Management is the first enterprise who obtained the approval of the international authentication ISO9002 in China.

All year round: CHTF provides trading services all year around for the hi-tech projects and enterprises that participate in the fair. Online transaction and exhibition are also available all the time. Other services like promoting and introducing hi-tech projects, matching, capital raising, packaging and pairing project negotiation are provided, too. Besides the above-mentioned, there are more services such as industrial hi-tech product exhibition, providing consultation service for the Chinese enterprises in capital raising and listing at abroad, property rights trading service and so on.

IV.The Important Role that CHTF Plays

Since the first CHTF, it made an active exploration in establishing hi-tech achievement trading system with Chinese characteristics. It not only brought excellent environments and opportunities for the science and technology development to Shenzhen even the whole nation, but also paved a green path for overseas technologies, capitals and products into Chinese market. For the Chinese hi-technologies’ opening up, promoting its achievements’ commercialization, industrialization and internationalization and stepping up the exchange and communication of economy, science and technology between countries and regions, CHTF all plays an important role and thus drive China’s hi-tech industry forward.

In driving the transaction of hi-tech achievements: CHTF combines government, industry, academia, research, capital and intermediary together creatively, bringing into full play the government, intermediary and capital market so as to realize the commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of hi-tech achievements by providing talents, skills, capital, market, information, appraisal and consultation service. The development of venture investment and trading market of technological property rights are also benefited from this.

In driving independent innovation: first, CHTF builds up a platform of exhibition and transaction for the technological achievements of independent innovation and personal inventions. Second, it opens a window for importing scientific and technological innovations and learning the international advanced experiences. Third, it safeguards the scientific and technological innovations through intellectual property protection, and helps to create a good and strong atmosphere of innovative culture in the whole society.

In stepping up the cooperation of economy, science and technology among countries and regions: CHTF gathers all the cutting-edge technologies and products at home and abroad, collects first-class international enterprises, national enterprises, universities and research institutions and invites many elites in the circles of business, politics and academia. Through achievements transaction, products displaying, high-level forums, projects investment and other special activities, CHTF builds up a great platform for the exchange of science and technology and economic cooperation as well as makes contributions to setting up a big country image by developing science and education and peaceful rise.

In driving the development of convention and exhibition industry: CHTF has become one of the most influential exhibitions in the world. Led by it, a batch of exhibitions concerning science and technology has got a fast development and sent the whole exhibition industry onto a path of rapid development. Meanwhile, the capabilities like organizing and serving for the big international exhibition are improved drastically. Shenzhen is considered to be one of four cities of exhibitions.

In driving the development of cities’ and regional economy: first, CHTF creates new environment and opportunities for the further development of Shenzhen Hi-tech industry. Second, it steps up the construction of urban public infrastructure and service industry. Third, it lifts Shenzhen’s international image and expands its influence. Fourth, it makes Shenzhen’s humanities spirit progress. Fifth, it promotes the cooperation and integrates the development of Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Guangzhou as well as the cities in pan-pearl river delta.

V. What can be done by CHTF for the participants?

For the patent and technology holders. CHTF has attracted a large number of technology-desiring domestic and foreign enterprises, intermediaries and thousands of investors and will make you find the cooperative partners from all over the world.

For the investors. On each CHTF, more than 10,000 hi-tech projects will be exhibited, making you easier to find the up-to-date patents, technologies and projects as well as many investment and cooperation opportunities.

For the high-tech products and equipment manufacturers. On CHTF, there are a large number of procurement demands from the central and local governments and enterprises, providing a channel for your products to rapidly enter the Chinese market.

For the purchasers. On CHTF, there are a large number of domestic and foreign high-tech products that is helpful to your one-station purchase.

For the participants. On CHTF, there are various activities held by the authoritative agencies such as high-level release conferences, forum conferences and banquets etc. From CHTF, you can obtain various information and find the business opportunities.

VII. Comments from Chinese State Leaders to CHTF

In order to promote the economic and technological cooperation between China and the other countries in the world, the Chinese Government decides to hold CHTF each year in Shenzhen

----Zhu Rongji (at the first CHTF)

As one of the important windows for the reform and opening-up of China’s hi-tech sector, CHTF has not only created good opportunities for the domestic and foreign enterprises and the scientific research and education institutions to participate in the international economic and technological exchange and operation but also provided a new and wide stage.

---Wu Bangguo (at the second CHTF)

With China’s accession into the WTO, CHTF will play a more and more important role in China’s hi-tech sector and exchange with the international society.

---Wu Yi (at the third CHTF)

As an important move for the reform and opening-up of China’s hi-tech sector, CHTF has displayed, in a concentrated way, not only a big batch of newest technological achievements made by China but also the advanced products and technologies of world-renowned hi-tech companies. It has widely spread the frontier concept of hi-tech developments in the world and effectively pushed up the transfer from the scientific and technological achievements to the actual productivity. Now, it has become an opening-up.

  • Overview of CHTF

    Each year, CHTF is co-hosted in Shenzhen by ten ministries and commissions.

  • How to visit CHTF

    CHTF offers special service to professional visitors. You can apply for registration as a professional visitor on the CHTF website during the valid time.

  • How to get SZCEC

    SZCEC is only 30 minutes from Shenzhen Railway Station and Luohu check point by bus, or 15 minutes by metro.

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