R1017 intelligent robot

By : Xu Lili


Intelligent robots are growing in diversity. They are not only applied in many fields, but have also begun to spread to people of all ages.

Shenzhen Weixingshun Technology Co will display its R1017 intelligent robot, which is an educational toy designed for children, at this year's China Hi-Tech Fair.

The robot can do a variety of complex movements, such as dancing, gym motions, and kung fu. It has 17 joints, five in each leg, three in each arm and one in its head. It can be controlled by computer, tablet, mobile phone and hand-held remote control.

The robot is installed with 3D visualization graphics software, which allows children to edit all kinds of simple or complex movements by dragging the mouse. It can help train children's ability in thinking and practical application.

R1017 intelligent robot

The R1017 intelligent robot [Photo provided by Shenzhen Weixingshun Technology Co]

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