The city of Yinchuan

Updated: 2015-09-08

Frontier fortress lake city

The city of Yinchuan, capital of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, has the Yellow River running to the east of it and the Helan Mountains to its west giving it beauty and nature, and it’s the only major city within a radius of 500 kilometers. It is also famous for its lakes, hence the nickname "Frontier fortress on the water" and "City of Fish". To keep its ecology and environment natural and suited to humans, the city tries to use its wetlands and lakes well, and it makes every effort in maintain its “Lake city at the frontier” status.

Ancient capital

The Western Xia Dynasty (1038-1227) in the early 11th century had Yinchuan as its capital and its major ethnic group, the Tangut, then strangely and suddenly just disappeared along with its culture. The only remains today are the few sites such as the Emperor’s Tomb, and the tower at Chengtian Temple, with the reason for the disappearance still a mystery.

Livable city

Yinchuan is at the center of the area's first open-economic experimental zone and an important business and trade site for the New Eurasian Land Bridge, and a major leg of the Golden Yinchuan-Wuhan-Sichuan Energy Triangle. Its goal is to become a modern regional city suited for living and starting a business so it is highlighting three key tasks -- building a metropolis with strong industries and a beautiful environment, following a strategy of making the industries prosper and the city stronger, and connecting its construction with its functions – for a prosperous, civilized, progressive, open and harmonious Yinchuan.