China-Arab States Expo overview

Updated: 2015-09-02

The China-Arab States expo is an global exposition with China’s State Council backing and sponsorship from the Ministry of Commerce, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and the Ningxia Hui autonomous region government.

Since 2010, the expo has been held four times in Ningxia and has exerted a great deal of influence in China and abroad. It has become popular among countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt and an important place for China to promote cooperation with the Arab countries.

The logo is meant to resemble an open gate, indicating that China welcomes overseas guests while the lights symbolize a bright future for Sino-Arab communications in culture and trade. The dome, composed of colored blocks to the left is a Muslim symbol to highlight its unique culture, and the concept of equality and cooperation with winning results. The red blocks represent China’s passion, energy and prosperity, while the green ones represent the Arab states, and life, hope and peace.

The expo’s theme has been “Spreading the Silk Road spirit, increasing Sino-Arab cooperation” and it has indeed had its achievements, with the four editions resulting in 636 project agreements, amounting to 355.8 billion yuan ($55.4 billion), and vastly improving Ningxia’s foreign trade.

The expo sticks to the principle of “consultation, construction and sharing”, which covers five areas -- commodities trade, service trade, technical cooperation, investment finance, and cultural and educational tourism -- and be a strategic site for China and the Arab States to increase their mutual trust, cooperation and friendly exchanges. It will also help Ningxia to become an experimental zone of open economy and boost the Silk Road Economic Belt strategy.