'Desire for Daming Palace' staff in Xi'an

Updated: 2011-08-04 13:33

By Lu Hongyan and Gao Shuyue  (chinadaily.com.cn)

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The film "Desire for Daming Palace in Tang Dynasty" will be shot in 2011. Members of the creative staff of the film came to Xi'an Qujiang district on August 4.

It is a romance and war film directed by Antoine Fuqua, a young director from Hollywood. Roughly 200 million yuan will be invested in the film.

The film is about the love story between the Tang Emperor Xuanzong and the Imperial concubine Yang through the perspective of a foreign architect, Braun. It retells the magnificent legend of the Tang Emipire and the flourishing of the Tang Dynasty. The Daming Place Site, Qujiang and Xi'an would be recreated for this. Chinese history and culture will be introduced to the international world, and Chinese film will be promoted to the global market.

The director, Antoine Fuqua, began to shoot movies in 1998, and has become an excellent young director in Hollywood. He once won an Oscar for "Training Day," and has achieved high box office status with the film "King Arthur." He is also familiar with costume, action, romance and other types of film production. Additionally, he has shot films about China and history.

Antoine Fuqua's participation ensures a guaranteed success at the box office.

The theme of this film is acceptable to many audiences. It is said that the film uses the mixed mode: narrative + action + romance + scene, which is popular now. Some famous stars will also participate in it.

Fuqua talks details the film as one of a man that gave up the country because of a woman, but finally he had to kill her in order to protect the country. He said is such an energetic and dramatic story. He also said that it was a challenge to him.