Push-up tests on job fair in Wuhan

By Cheng Anqi (
Updated: 2010-03-25 17:31
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Push-up tests on job fair in Wuhan
Students from Wuhan Institute of Shipbuilding Technology is doing push-up at a job fair held by Foxconn quasi-Precision Mold Co Ltd, in Wuhan, Hubei province, on March 23, 2010. Boys who complete 20 push-ups are considered qualified, 30 excellence, and 10 for girls. The physical strength capacity test is made up of push-ups, tracing irregular and continuous grooved lines on paper with eyes blindfolded and three-minute beads stringing. According to the company, mold work requires physical strength and precision, so employees of the company are supposed to start 5,000-meter run at 6:30 am every day and then finish 50 push-ups. [Photo/CFP]

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