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Animals as art in the Qinling Mountains
The core of Qinling Mountains locates in the south of Shaanxi province.[bing.com]


Qinling Moutains dubbed as China's Yellowstone

The Qinling Mountains are a major east-west mountain range with a length of 1,600 kilometers from west to east and a width of 200 km-300km from north to south in China.

Animals as art in the Qinling Mountains
Nighlife on the wild  side

The ranges covers an area of 120,000 square kilometers and provides a natural boundary between the North and South of the country, climatically and geographically. It also supports a huge variety of plants and wildlife, some of which are found nowhere else on Earth.

The mountains are home to various rare wild animals, including 119 mammal species, 345 bird species and 657 species of vertebrates. The phrase, “Four precious species in the Qinling Mountains”, refers respectively to the giant panda, golden snub-nosed monkey, takin and crested ibis. These animals are listed as national first-class protected animals.


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