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Children are everything

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Updated: 2010-05-14 07:52
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Comment on "How to Ensure Security on Campus" (China Daily, May 5)

A slogan written outside a kindergarten in my hometown reads: "We do things for every child, we do every thing for a child, every thing we do is for a child." The big characters in the poster are eye-catching, but they look gloomy after the recent attacks on children in kindergartens and schools.

Children are a nation's future. And tragically these criminals chose to attack children to vent their anger and frustration. Such base acts, unheard of before, have become common nowadays. In fact, this year has seen about half a dozen attacks on children.

We have to pay more attention to campus security and realize that it's everyone's duty to prevent such incidents from recurring.

Children should be taught to protect themselves against common attacks. Schools and teachers should guarantee children a safe place to study. And parents should pay more attention to the safety and security of their wards.

While the public should pressurize the government to take severe action against the guilty and to prevent similar attacks, all relevant departments must coordinate to better protect children.

It's the responsibility of every person to see that every child in society enjoys a happy childhood free of danger.

Shang Yuanyuan,via e-mail

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(China Daily 05/14/2010 page9)