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There's reason to be skeptical about global warming

Updated: 2010-04-30 14:25
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Comment on "Climate change mechanism set up" (China Daily, April 30)

Climate change has been happening on Earth ever since it was created. The Earth has undergone periods of cooling and warming even before man made his presence felt. Why does China feel it has the power to control the forces of Nature on a global scale?

Recent events have made a lot of people skeptical about man-made climate change (aka global warming). These events include:

(1)The recent harsh and prolonged cold winter in China and Europe, when 'global warming' became a byword for ridicule.

(2)The IPCC report on global warming, which gave a date for the disappearance of glaciers in the Himalayas based on anything but scientific evidence.

(3)The email controversy that alleged manipulation of research data in the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia to favor global warming theories.

China should be wary about falling for the EU's climate change agenda, which has its ultimate goal of reducing China's competitiveness and effort to eradicate poverty for its citizens.

Climate Sceptic on China Daily website.