Sinopec chandelier fuels public anger
(China Daily)
Updated: 2009-07-21 07:55

News of a reported 12-million-yuan chandelier adorning the renovated buildings of Sinopec has shocked the public. And though a Sinopec official said the chandelier cost much less, 1.56 million yuan, the public is still angry with the way money has been wasted, says an article in Beijing News. Excerpt:

Reports of a 12-million-yuan chandelier hanging in Sinopec's renovated buildings have shocked the public.

A Sinopec spokesman's efforts to calm people's anger by saying the crystal and copperized-steel-plate chandelier cost about 1.56 million yuan, including transportation and installation charges, have failed. Sinopec chose the contractor from among eight companies to renovate and decorate its buildings, including procuring building materials, he said.

But instead of satisfying the public, the official's response has generated incredulous postings on the Internet.

It's quite obvious why the public is angry: Even 1.56 million yuan is exorbitant for a chandelier, and raises questions on the fairness of the tenders.

Moreover, spending 240 million yuan to renovate an already impressive building is anything but prudent.

Given the rising oil prices, a quick response to public anger is good supervision, but a response from the audit and monitoring branches is still to come.

(China Daily 07/21/2009 page9)