Yang Liping Winter of Peacock to search life

By Qiu Guizhen ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-11-03

Famous Chinese dance artist Yang Liping appeared with her student, Xiaocaiqi, at a news conference on Oct 25 and announced she would premiere another peacock-themed dance drama in Yunnan.

The drama, named Winter of Peacock, is scheduled to be staged from Nov 16 to 18 in Yunnan Arts University’s Shiyan Theater and will be performed 28 times in cities across China including Shanghai, Shenzhen and Zhuhai.

The drama is a chapter of Yang's dance Peacock, which depicts four seasons of the peacock; it shows only the winter season, looking deeply into metempsychosis, or the transformation of life at death into another form of life.

Yang Liping <EM>Winter of Peacock</EM> to search life

Yang Liping,a famous dancer in China. [Photo/ynci.cn]

Peacock has always been the stage image Yang Liping has pursued and built. From Peacock Princess to Spirit of Peacock, Yang always depicts the bird's vitality and nobility.

Yang Liping <EM>Winter of Peacock</EM> to search life

Another actress in Winter of Peacock, Xiaocaiqi, Yang Liping's student, (shown here

in a different dance) continuously circled for four hours in China's 2014 Spring Festival

Gala. [Photo/ynci.cn]

Yang Liping <EM>Winter of Peacock</EM> to search life

Winter of Peacock, well-known Chinese dance artist Yang Liping's fourth dance

drama this year, is to run from Nov 16 to 18. [Photo/ynci.cn]

2016 has been a fruitful year for Yang and her team as they have created four large-scale dance dramas.

But the high productivity poses no harm to the quality of her productions as innumerable audiences speak highly of her work.

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