Yunnan founds YNXXB new media center

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Updated: 2016-06-28

Yunnan established the YNXXB New Media Film & Television Center on June 22. The center in turn on the basis of its strong expertise was able to sign video production cooperation contracts with many institutions.

People’s great passion for video platforms, including xiaokaxiu and miaopai, signals that traditional paper media would do well to transform to multi-format media, fusing characters with original cartoons and videos.

Yang Wenhu, deputy editor-in-Chief of the Yunnan Information Newspaper (YNXXB), said that the center has a large potential market thanks to its ability to integrate the information resources it clusters.

The center has also enrolled experienced talents in the video production field to forge a film & television alliance in Yunnan.

Yao Gang, executive director of the Yunnan Publishing Group Co, said that the company will support the new center. He added that it should produce short videos of great social value for favorable social and economic benefits.

By Qiu Guizhen and edited by Peter Nordinger

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