Yuxi Art Academy hosts art exhibition

By Wang Yifei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-01-22

Artists from Yunnan came to Yuxi to celebrate the opening of the third art exhibition on Jan 21, ynci.cn reported.

The art exhibition, co-sponsored by the Yuxi Culture and Broadcasting Bureau and the Yuxi Literature and Art Federation, was organized by the Yuxi Art Gallery and the Yuxi Municipal Artists Association.

The exhibition’s theme is “Charming Yuxi and Beautiful Homeland”. Artists Luo Jiang, Guo Wei, Zhao Fang, and Huang Qingming created paintings and drawings for the exhibition.

A total of 70 artworks, including Chinese paintings, oil paintings, prints, watercolors and sculptures, were created to showcase the talent of the Yuxi Gallery.

Despite differences in theme, form and style, the artworks demonstrate their creators’ shared interest in developing local culture and art.

Audiences can appreciate Yuxi’s scenery, and the artists’ sense of beauty, through the paintings and other works.

Yuxi’s art has always been an important part of the art scene in Yunnan. Since its establishment, the Yuxi Art Gallery has had the support and guidance of the Yunnan Art Gallery.

The exhibition is an opportunity for artists from the Yuxi Gallery to exchange ideas with artists from across the province.

The exhibition is opened to the public and will continue until Feb 3.

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