Tea culture

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Updated: 2015-03-18

Yunnan is one of the top tea producers in China. The industry is the bread and butter of more than 10 million local people. The province has the largest tea garden area nationwide and has seen the tea industry maintain sustainable and rapid development and increasing output over the years.

Pu'er tea has already been a world famous brand that has a history of more than 1,000 years. Yunnan black and Tuo teas also gain domestic popularity.

The premium congou made by Yunnan Dianhong Group won a gold award at the Panama Pacific International Exposition and has been used to treat distinguished foreign guests by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1958. Xiaguan Tuo Tea received a national quality silver prize three times and the international gold crown food award three times as well. Royal Pu'er Tea made by SimaoLongsheng Group won the King of Pu'er Tea in the sixth Pu'er Tea Festival.

Yunnan teas are very popular and more than 70 percent are sold outside the province every year. The distinctive taste has also helped Pu'er tea make its way to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Southeast Asia in addition to branching out to Western Europe and the US with increasing export volumes.

One-fourth of black tea is sold abroad. Tuo tea has always been well received in the US, Canada and Western Europe. Pan-fired tea has also made inroads into Central Asia, Poland, Germany and Russia. Black and green tea fannings made with CTC equipment have been exported to Western Europe. In 2005, Yunnan's tea export value stood at 17.39 million yuan, ranking fourth among Yunnan agricultural output.

Tea culture


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