Yunnan Communication Group grows rapidly

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Updated: 2015-03-12

As a key enterprise in Yunnan's cultural industry, the Yunnan Communication Group has demonstrated remarkable performance in recent years. Through the acquisition of two subsidiaries from Yunnan TV Station and Yunnan Radio Station it has become a mass communication giant. Yunnan Communication Group focuses on six major segments in the areas of media advertising management, content production, network construction, TV shopping, new media and real estate.

Yunnan Communication Group has invested more than 100 million yuan (about $15.97 million) to produce a total of 21 TV series with more than 800 episodes. Each year, the group produces around 200 high-quality drama episodes which in turn have produced good economic and social benefits.

Terrestrial wireless digital TV, Yunnan Communication Group's another business, has helped Yunnan's local culture spread abroad. The "Colorful Bus" TV channel covers 212 bus lines in Kunming with a total of 2,345 buses. Altogether 3,298 LCD screens have been installed on the buses, enabling a rolling live news broadcast and providing content for a program and documentary. Terrestrial wireless digital TV services will seize opportunities presented in the Yunnan "bridgehead" construction for further development. The group will continue to accelerate and increase its market share in China, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Yunnan Communication Group will also construct a TV shopping platform. The platform provides 15 categories of goods and over 200 kinds of commodities every month. The TV shopping platform has covered more than four million families in Yunnan and its membership has exceeded 1.18 million. The new media strategy is also one of Yunnan Communication Group's important achievements. At present, IPTV has covered 16 cities and 129 counties in Yunnan province and has over 500 thousand subscribers. More than 100 live channels and on-demand programs spanning 30,000 hours are available.

Edited by Ge Jieru and Jacob Hooson

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