Yunnan debuts e-permits for travel to HK and Macao

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Updated: 2014-09-18

The Yunnan Exit-Entry Administration Bureau has started accepting e-permit applications for mainland travelers to visit Hong Kong and Macao on Sept 15, reported.

E-permits for citizens 16 years or older will require collection or verification of applicant fingerprints. Their e-permits will be extended from their existing permits by 10 years. For those under 16, whether or not their fingerprints will be collected will be decided by their legal guardians, and their e-permits will be valid for five years.

The mainland’s immigration authorities will allow the e-permit holders seven years or older to use the automated emigration service. Tour groups are still required to exit through the manual emigration clearance channel.

According to the Immigration Department of Hong Kong, eligible holders of the electronic exit-entry permit for traveling to and from Hong Kong and Macao who are 16 years or older can enjoy the Automated Immigration Clearance (e-Channel) Service. For those who enter Hong Kong for the first time with the e-permit, manual immigration clearance is required.

According to Macao’s Public Security Police Force, travelers under 11 are not allowed to use Macao’s e-channel service.

By Ge Jieru and edited by Michael Thai

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