Greenfest to rock Kunming

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Updated: 2013-09-02

The 2013 Greenfest music festival will come to Kunming Expo Park on Sept 28 and 29.

The two-day festival will set up two themed stages: Lv Fang Stage with domestic rock stars and Yue Bao Stage with new faces.

Lv Fang Stage will feature the popular band New Pants along with Zhang Qiang, Chinese queen of disco. The idols from two different periods will produce something amazing for rock fans. Famous singers and bands, such as Peng Tan, Zeng Yike, Mr. Turtle, Da Bang, Matiao, AK47 and Escape Plan will also bring their various music styles. Xie Tianxiao, the Chinese king of live rock, is scheduled as the last performer on Sept 29. He will give the festival an exciting ending.

At Yue Bao Stage, new artists like Song Dongye, Asi, Wild Children, Good Sister and Haozi will sing the recent hottest hits.

Besides the excellent acoustics and stages, people can also enjoy interesting games provided by the sponsor. A selection of beer brands and rock costumes will help audiences chill out on weekends.

Some Yunnan elements like DIY t-shirts, a creative market and street performers will add a romantic and relaxing atmosphere to the event.

With professional operation and over 20 influential rock acts, fans will have a fantastic weekend of good music and good vibes.

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