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Updated: 2013-06-25

Yunnan has various civil cultures. Tens of thousands of local residents and tourists will flock to Green Lake North Gate Square in Kunming city to dance and sing during the seagull festival.

Tourists can watch sakura and filament flowering crab flowers, take photos. Various art performances and local specialties during the sakura festival were held in Kunming Zoo. In addition, the chess and food competitions, beer carnival and Bangladesh–China–India–Myanmar car race also attacted many visitors.

Yunnan province abounds in cultural heritage and is devoted to promoting traditional painting and calligraphy. Local art galleries have held many exhibitions for artists to display their work, which cover landscape bird-and-flower paintings, calligraphy and seal cutting. Most of these exhibitions are open to the public for free and give citizens an opportunity to savor delicate pieces of art.

Local people in Yunnan also have access to various audiovisual attractions. In December 2012, the First Pioneer Art Week opened in Kunming, giving 7 million residents a magnificent art experience. The Jixin Banquet Dance is one of the world's three most exiting dances, on par with the Moulin Rouge and Thailand's lady-boy dances. Audiences can take in 26 exotic Yunnan ethnic dances and songs while savoring local food. It's a must-see for tourists.


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