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Updated: 2013-06-25

Yunnan has a large number of quality publications with rich content and distinctive characteristics. Many works have been reprinted many times, while original works continue to be written.

They have greatly added spice to the life of local residents and have created a good cultural atmosphere for social and economic development. A total of 469 books have won provincial awards and 92 books have received national awards. In 2006, Zheng He Epic and China Contemporary Minorities Literature History won the national excellent publication award, while an audiovisual on Pu'er tea was nominated for the award. Find Zheng He's Footsteps in Africa received the Best Book in 2007.

In 2008, the Philosophy Classics received the national excellent publication award, while a book recounting the relief work during the Wenchuan earthquake got a special publication award. Many publications were also nominated for national excellent publication awards, such as Light of the Plateau and Yi Music. In 2009, Song of True Love received the Five "One" Project award.

There were also many books nominated for national excellent publication awards in 2010, such as the audiovisual products Yunnan Higher Plant E-Dictionary and Dali of 4,000 Years. Other popular books include History of the Chinese Nation and the Red Army's Long March in Yunnan. Particularly, the Comic Party by Yunnan Educational Publishing House is now one of the top magazines nationwide with circulation breaking 800,000 copies.



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