Investment environment in China

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Updated: 2013-06-06

Since 1979 when the Law on Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures was first introduced in China, the work of utilizing foreign investment as an important subject of opening up to the outside world initiated as China's fundamental principle.

The facilities of hard environment in China has been greatly improved or upgraded. The infrastructure constructions like transport, telecommunication, water, electricity and gas supply, etc. have been completely renovated.

Along with the favorable production management conditions, the soft environment for easy access to investment requirement has gradually been amended to its perfect. A one-stop service for examination and approval has been introduced in many local government organizations: offices of different functional departments are co-working to speed up the procedures. The laws and regulations have been reinforced to adapt to comfortable legal environment. Since China's access to the WTO, the commitments to the WTO entry, the opening degree of the industries are attached great importance.

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