UETD's investment advantages and future goals

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Updated: 2017-02-16

UETD's development strategy

(1) Optimize industrial structure:

To consolidate UETD's three pillar industries: metallurgy, wind power and food and beverage industries. To strengthen the zone's four leading industries – automobile, mechanical equipment, new-type building material and modern logistics industries. To nurture four emerging industries – bio-chemistry, new energies, new-materials and information engineering industries.

(2) Innovative system:

To upgrade the Urumqi export processing zone to a comprehensive protective tariff zone in order to expand its exporting volume to Central and South Asia and Europe area. To further update its financing and investment systems and to list the UETD Development Company in the near future.

(3) Strengthen urban construction and management:

To optimize the industrial development, land-use, biological construction, rural and urban development plans. To put forward the infrastructure construction and barren mountain reforesting plans. To adopt an innovative, management system and follow the lead of major advanced cities. To improve the district's management level by updating its devitalized management system.

(4) Improve the competitiveness of the software park:

To carry out cultural projects in communities, companies and colleges. Recruit more skilled experts and improve the procedure of selecting them.

(5) Improve people's welfare:

To invest more in improving people's welfare and raising their living standards. To foster the unity of varied ethnic groups living in the region to keep the stability of the society for a better economic development of the UETD


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