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  • Dongyue Temple Fair

    The birthday of the Lord of Tai Mountain falls on the 28th day of the third month in Chinese calendar.

  • Heavenly blessing day

    The eighth day of the fourth month in the Chinese calendar is the birthday of Buddha. .

  • The Buddha Bath Day

    On the sixth day of the sixth month in the Chinese calendar, people place clothes and books out in the sun. 

  • Praying to gods at Mount Tai

    People often pray to the gods at Mount Tai for wealth, health and children.

  • Birthday of the Heavenly Queen

    The birthday of the a heavenly queen, said to live in the jade pool in the Kunlun Mountains and possess medicine that can make one immortal, is on the third day of the third month in the Chinese calendar.

  • Birthday of the Mount. Taishan grandma

    The most important folk celebration in Tai'an is the birthday of Taishan grandma's birthday, which falls on the 15th day of the third month in the Chinese calendar.

  • When a new child is born

    Traditionally in this area, when a baby is born, the family's friends and relatives will bring gifts for the baby.