Video: Tang pagoda tree at Dai Temple

( Updated: 2021-12-16

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At the Dai Temple, one can not only see classical architecture, but can also gaze at what's left of the pagoda trees from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) in the Tanghuai Court in the southwest corner of the temple.

The tree towered luxuriantly at one time with a girth that was several meters long, and a shadow that covered an area of about 600 square meters, but it later withered due to the warfare of the Republic of China(1912-1949).

In 1952, a pagoda tree sapling was planted inside the trunk of the pagoda tree at the temple, and the sampling has now grown into a verdant tree with its roots buried deeply inside the pagoda tree from the Tang Dynasty. The trunk of the elder tree stretches outward as though it was protecting the young one, which now a marvelous site to be seen and has been dubbed "Tang Pagoda Tree Embracing Her Son".