Health Town


1. Project Introduction

Designated right next to the most favorable section of Dawen River of Tai'an, the Health Town will be built into a high-end health community based on beautiful scenery of the area, the deep cultural atmosphere of health preservation in Taoism and the "Mount Tai Smart Medical Big Data Center”.

2. Project Content and the Scale of Construction

With a planned area of 2.6 square kilometers, the will be built into an integrated livable riverside community which contains community medical care, sports and fitness activities, health garden, health preservation of Taoism and other health elements.

The town will focus on building an indoor fitness center which will be equipped with swimming, fitness, yoga community fitness facilities..Health care team and advanced medical equipment at home and abroad will be introduced to the community, to provide convenient community clinics and home care services to the residents. Other facilities include the construction of indoor and outdoor double space layout, constant temperature and humidity healthy gardens. 3.Project Conditions Project area is sponge pilot city construction in East China’s Shandong province. Overall green, water, environment and government spending taking a huge advantage, the superior natural conditions for high-end health program provides advantageous condition, for Mount Tai is rich in forest resources and hot spring water resources, and the planning area is located in the upper reaches of Dawen river with the best quality of water.

The town is designated near the ancient city of Mount Tai, hailed as a “land treasure” where ancient emperors hold Fengshan ceremonies (also called the emperors' sacrificial ceremonies) and their luxurious palaces were built; the town is along the truck road of Tai’an next to the Beijing-Shanghai expressway, so the transportation is convenient; the localauthorities are to encourage local medical colleges and universities, to provide a stable high-quality supply of human resources.

4. Total Investment

With current planning, the total Investment of the project is 6.846 billion yuan ($992.21 million).

5. Market Analysis and Economic effectiveness Forecast

According to the survey, about 95% of urban population is in sub-health state, about 20% of the population need professional medical institutions to receive diagnosis and medical treatment; only 5% of the population have reached health standards.

China's aging population is still accelerating, the elderly in the 60s or above in 2020 is expected to account for 16.6% of the total population;Shandong province is one of the provinces with the highest percentage of aging population, with unprecedented urgent pension and health service demand.

Estimated revenue: 11.639 billion yuan; total ROI: 70%; ROI period: 10 years.

6. Cooperation Approaches

Sole proprietorship, PPP (Public-Private-Partnership)or joint venture.

7. Project Type Newly-built

8. Contact

 Tai'an Bureau of Commerce 

Tel: 0538-6991865