Dead Sea fantasy shows up in Tai'an


Taishan Salt Sea International Conference Center is under construction and will be a unique tourist resort in China centered on the culture of salt and designed to attract domestic and foreign visitors.

Xinwen Mining Group Corp invested in the center, which will utilize the rich rock salt mine and salt brine resources in Tai'an. The center combines Mount Tai culture and local folk practices, characterized by saline flotation, hot springs, vacations, commercial conferences, eco-tourism and entertainment. The 480-mu project has a construction area of 128,000 sq m benefiting from a 580 million yuan investment. It will become the largest resort with the theme of salt culture in China, where people can enjoy saline flotation just like in the Dead Sea.

The proportion of salt in solution to support the human body varies from 1.03 percent to 1.097 percent while the proportion of brine used for the project can reach 1.3 percent, enough to hold people up in the water.

Electrolysis can change well salt brine into pure brine at 46 degrees Celsius with a 22 percent salt content, rich in more than 40 minerals and trace elements such as natrium, potassium, calcium, bromine and iodine. This has therapeutic effects against rheumatoid arthritis, dermatosis, obesity, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease. Salts with various ionic forms boast the obvious effects of accelerating metabolism, losing weight, relieving insomnia, removing dark spots, relieving rheumatism, controlling grease secretion, removing warts and stimulating cell regeneration.

The person in charge of the project says the salt chemical factory can produce 630 cubic meters of brine per hour. The amount of brine needed for indoor flotation is 170 cubic meters per hour.

The Center has four parts: holiday hotel, salt brine area, VIP club and VIP hotel-apartments, where visitors can fully enjoy flotation, health care, and salt brine baths. The project is part of a general plan to build a grand tourist circuit in Tai'an encompassing the idea of "visiting Mount Tai and enjoying salt brine bath". It will promote the service industry in Daiyue District and Tai'an and bring both economic and social benefits.


Editor: Guo Changdong

Source: The Information Office of Tai'an Government