Repairs of major Dai Temple hall begin

( Updated: 2016-06-21

Repairs began on the TianKuang Hall, the main structure of the Dai Temple in Tai'an, Shandong province, on June 11, with the work expected to take two months to complete.

The restoration will not disturb visitors to the scenic spot, but the hall itself will be closed temporarily later, according to

Situated to the north of Tai'an city, the Dai Temple is a Taoist temple as well as the largest and most well-preserved architectural complex on Taishan Mountain, measuring 405 meters by 236 meters.

Built in the Han Dynasty (206 BC- AD 220) as a site at where emperors paid their respects to the gods, the temple was expanded and renovated by rulers of the Tang (AD 618-907) and Song (AD 960-1279) dynasties.

The Tiankuang Hall houses a giant Taoist mural that is a whopping 62 meters long and depicts the god of Taishan Mountain, as well as forests, palaces, bridges, riding beasts and some 697 people. It was painted during the Song Dynasty.