The most green route: Tian Zhu Sheng Jing Route

( Updated: 2016-06-15

The section from Nantian Gate to the Summit of Mount Tai is called Dai Ding, which means the top of Mount Tai, and has an area of 0.6 square kilometers.

There are six groups of ancient architecture there, along with more than 22 pieces of steles or stone tablets and more than 220 petroglyphs.

It is 0.8 kilometers from Nantian Gate to the summit of Jade Emperor. The climb is said to symbolize ascending towards heaven.

You will feel sun becomes nearer and clouds come lower as you go up. At the top, you will understand why Confucius once observed that "On the top of Mount Tai the whole world becomes smaller".

Travel method: on foot

Scenic spots on the way: Weiliao (Endless) Pavilion, Moon observing peak, West Gate to Heaven, North Gate to Heaven, father-in-law peak, heavenly street lane, Heavenly street, elephant trunk peak, white cloud cave, dark cloud cave, famous historical site of Viewing Wu State, Confucius cliff, Triones Terrace, Bixia Temple, ZhanLu Terrace (terrace for viewing Lu State), sacrifice cliff, north arching stone, grand view peak, Most Revered of the Five Sacred Mountains, blank stele, Jade Emperor Peak etc.

Ticket Price: Bixia Temple 5 yuan ($0.72) per person

Time of travel: 1-2 hours


Editor: Li Jing

Source: The Information Office of Tai'an Government