Du Fu


Du Fu had special close relations with Mount Tai.

His father was working in Yanzhou, Shandong province, during Tianbao reign in Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907)  from 742 to 755 and Du’s visit to the province for about 7 years greatly influenced him.

He also climbed the mountain and wrote a majestic poem of A View of Taishan Mountain when he was 24.

It is said that the poem, regarded as the peak of Du's poetry, was penned after his failure in the imperial examination.

The poem was inscribed on the stele at the foot of and will stand with the Mount Tai forever.

It writes “When I shall reach the top of Mount Tai, other mountains appear so small,” showcasing the majestic scenery around the mountain and expressing the poet's life ambition.

The philosophic connotation in the poem represents a positive entrepreneurship and Du's creative talent.


Editor: Li Jing

Source: The Information Office of Tai'an Government