Lotus Land Spa Resort

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-05-18

Lotus Land Spa Resort, located in Anzhuang County in the south of Feicheng, boasts fine water and authority's identification shows that the water in this spa resort contains 57 trace elements human body needs, like metasilicic acid, metaboric acid, fluorin, strontium and lithium.

Known as "No 1 Hot Spring", it tops all hot springs found in terms of temperature (66℃) and minerals contained.

The one-million-sq-m spa resort will be built to the "Lotus Land" featuring peach and peach culture in Feicheng, a fantastic tourist destination, with a construction area of 29000 sq m equipped with spa holiday hotel, unique spa area and natural spa fitness club.

Phone Number: +86 0538 3719188


Editor: Li Jing

Source: The Information Office of Tai'an Government