• Efforts to further deepen judicial reform


    The court, to better solve grassroots disputes, has set up an office at a local home furniture market, enabling judges, police and administrative organs to work together to resolve minor civil disputes.

  • Governments should 'respond promptly' to lawsuits


    Government departments should respond promptly when they are involved in administrative lawsuits, according to a statement released on Tuesday after the 17th Meeting of the Central Leading Group for Deepening Overall Reform.

  • Court cases surge after filing reform


    Changes making it easier to file lawsuits have led to a huge increase in court cases over the past four months, especially administrative ones, according to an official with China's top court.

  • Supreme People's Court to boost judicial transparency


    The vice-president of the Supreme People's Court has vowed to push forward reform to deepen judicial transparency.

  • Chinese senior official urges steady efforts to promote judicial reform


    A senior Chinese official Tuesday called for steady, active efforts to build a just, efficient and authoritative socialist judicial system.

  • Senior official says China is pushing ahead with judicial reforms


    Meng Jianzhu, head of the Commission for Political and Legal Affairs of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, said that China needs to concentrate on pilot judicial reforms and give the public a feel for justice and fairness in every case.

  • Judicial reforms will move ahead: Chief Justice


    Zhou Qiang, Chief Justice of China’s Supreme Court, told a meeting on preliminary judicial reforms nationwide on July 23 that China’s courts need to deal with both theoretical and practical reform issues in a systematic, comprehensive, and healthy way.

  • China’s top judge vows to improve judicial system


    Zhou Qiang, president of China’s Supreme People’s Court, urged the court authorities to facilitate litigation by the public through improving the application of information technology across the country’s court system on July 7.