Top legal bodies issue circular on trafficking

( Updated : 2022-05-05

The Supreme People's Court, Supreme People's Procuratorate and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued a circular urging suspects involved in the trafficking of women and children to turn themselves in before June 30.

The circular, issued in late April, said people who committed or participated in abducting and trafficking women and children, buying abducted women and children or related crimes can voluntarily turn themselves in before the deadline and may be given a mitigated punishment according to law, and those who commit a relatively minor crime may be exempted from punishment.

Suspects who entrust another person to surrender on their behalf or confess to judicial departments by letter, telephone or email and arrive at judicial departments later shall be deemed voluntary surrender cases. If relatives or friends of the suspects voluntarily report and send the suspect to judicial departments, it will also be regarded as voluntary surrender.

After surrender, if a suspect reports verified criminal acts committed by another person, provides important clues for solving other cases or assists judicial organs in arresting other suspects, they may be given a lighter punishment according to law.

Those who refuse to give themselves up within the prescribed time limit and continue to engage in crimes related to abducting and trafficking women and children will be severely punished.

Those who harbor or cover up for kidnapping and trafficking of women and children, who help transfer or hide abducted people or who provide assistance by issuing false marriage certificates, paternity tests or medical birth certificates to people involved in kidnapping and trafficking will also be severely punished. Whoever gathers people to obstruct the rescue of a bought woman or child shall be investigated on criminal charges.

Individuals and relevant organizations are encouraged to report such crimes and urge fugitives to turn themselves in. Informants shall be protected by judicial organs, the circular read.