Courts in Jilin livestream one-stop dispute settlement mediation

( Updated : 2020-08-20

Courts in Jilin livestream one-stop dispute settlement mediation
Meihekou people's court in Northeast China's Jilin province, holds an online mediation on a farmland dispute between two local neighbors on Aug 18.[Photo/]

An omnimedia legal mediation program themed on one-stop settlement of disputes between neighbors was officially launched and livestreamed on Aug 18.

It was co-organized by the Supreme People's Court, China Media Group,some courtsand media outlets in Jilin.

In a dispute about sale of ginseng (a Chinese herbal medicine), the party Xiang joined the mediation through a video link as he was absent due to a physical cause. The two parties reached settlement with the help of a judge, a mediator and the president of a local ginseng association.

With the joint efforts of a judge of the Meihekou people's court, together with a staff member of the local police station and a professional mediator of local judicial office, a dispute between neighbors who claimed that each other's plum tree and elm tree overhung their respective boundaries was successfully mediated.

By making advantages of the court, police station and judicial office, the mediation mode advantageously resolved the negative emotions of the two families by emphasizing decades of neighborhood friendship as well as respective legal rights, and provided guidance from multiple perspectives including sentiment, everyday sense and the law.

"Through this livestreaming mediation, I deeply felt the intensive, informationized, and humanized service concept of the court litigation service center," said Chu Jianmei, a deputy to the National People's Congress who witnessed the whole process of the online mediation.

"The court not only pays attention to the case trial alone, but also makes full use of diversified pre-litigation dispute mediation mechanisms to settle cases from their sources, which provides more channels for disputes resolution. I'll give courts in Jilin a thumbs-up," Chu said.

More than 40 media outlets livestreamed the program synchronously, with 12 million online participants.