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  • SXU establishes fitness and rehabilitation organization

    Updated : 2018-01-18

    The Fitness and Rehabilitation Organization of Shanxi Students Sports Association was established at Shanxi University (SXU) on Jan 17.

  • US phycology experts visit Shanxi University

    Updated : 2018-01-18

    Rex L. Lowe from Bowling Green State University and Kociolek J. Patrick from University of Colorado, two phycology professors paid a visit to Shanxi University on Jan 5.

  • SXU students win college drama awards

    Updated : 2018-01-18

    Shanxi University (SXU) won big at the award ceremony of the 2017 Shanxi College Drama Festival on Jan 5.

  • Shanxi University awards outstanding instructors

    Updated : 2018-01-18

    An award ceremony honoring excellent instructors in 2017 was held at Shanxi University on Dec 29.

  • Shanxi University holds undergraduate physics competition

    Updated : 2018-01-18

    The 4th Shanxi University Undergraduate Physics Tournament in conjunction with the Tryout of Shanxi University Physics Competition Team was held in the school recently.

  • CAPAD finances young internet talents at SXU

    Updated : 2018-01-17

    China Association of Poverty Alleviation and Development (CAPAD) and Shanxi University reached an agreement on working together to finance young college students who can develop internet innovation.

  • SXU Party committee emphasizes academic management

    Updated : 2018-01-16

    Members from Shanxi University Party Committee attended a meeting to discuss issues related to academic management at Shanxi University in Taiyuan on Jan 10.

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