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  • French sociologist appointed as SXU visiting professor

    Updated : 2017-07-11

    French sociologist François de Singly visited Shanxi University (SXU) for an academic discussion on July 7 at the invitation of the university's school of philosophy and sociology.

  • SXU publishes significant H2S finding

    Updated : 2017-07-10

    Shanxi University (SXU) has made a significant breakthrough in the regulatory mechanism of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) signaling, which has great application potential in agriculture.

  • SXU professor delivers speech in US

    Updated : 2017-07-07

    Wu Dongsheng, a professor of economics at Shanxi University, has recently been invited to deliver a feature report at Rocky Mountain Institute in the United States.

  • SXU students mark anniversary of HK handover

    Updated : 2017-07-05

    More than 70 Chinese young people from around the world, including two from Shanxi University, gathered in Hong Kong from June 29 to July 2, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its return to China.

  • New campus starts construction

    Updated : 2017-07-03

    Dongshan campus, a new campus of Shanxi University, held a ground-breaking ceremony on June 30.

  • Alumnus opens calligraphy exhibition at Shanxi University

    Updated : 2017-06-22

    Zhang Tiesuo, an alumnus of Shanxi University,holds a calligraphy and painting exhibition at Shanxi University from June 14 to 24.

  • HK students visit Shanxi University

    Updated : 2017-06-21

    A group of 13 Hong Kong students toured Shanxi University on June 18 as a part of a Shanxi-Hong Kong student exchange program.

Dongshan New Campus