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30 policies introduced to boost Jiading's emerging industries

( ) 2016-07-15

Jiading district of Shanghai recently introduced 30 government policies to accelerate the development of local strategic emerging industries, local media reported on July 14.

The industries include integrated circuit and Internet of Things; new energy and intelligent automobiles; high-performance medical equipment; high-precision medical treatments; intelligent manufacturing, and robotics.

Local government set up goals for the overall scale of the four industries reaching 100 billion yuan ($15billion) by the year 2020 and 200 billion yuan by 2025.

To reach the goals, the policies include setting up an investment fund of 10 billion yuan.

Various incentives will be given to lure innovative enterprises, service agencies and top minds, to support mature companies or startups, to bolster local enterprises' mergers and aquisitions, industrialization projects, technological transformation and market expansion, to help the companies lower costs, and to encourage investors to build more industrial parks or business incubators.

The incentives will also go towards the construction of research centers, cooperation with top universities, and intellectual property rights protection.

The local government also vows to offer convenient customs services, to strengthen research of development trends and favorable policies for the industries, and to improve government services.

The beneficiaries of the policies include individuals, enterprises, platforms, organizations and industrial parks involved in the four industries, as well as eligible enterprises from other strategic emerging industries.



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