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Social undertakings

( ) 2013-09-23

Employment and social security systems

Employment and entrepreneurial policies are well established and the employment situation is basically stable, with 33,272 new jobs added this year and 8,360 laborers moved to the countryside for work. The number of unemployed people registered in cities and towns has been kept within a manageable figure set by the Shanghai municipality, which has lead to 652 new entrepreneurial organizations, supported by the government. The number of people getting vocational skills training has risen to 26,146, while social security continues to improve, so that it covers 98.7 percent of the population, with the number of people involved in the city's social security system amounting to 77 percent and the minimum amount of land expropriation pensions raised to 965 yuan/month. The district has established its first welfare house to specialize in health care for the elderly suffering from mental and physical disabilities, in the suburbs, adding 260 beds for senior citizens, while 20 senior citizen centers for recreational activities have been renovated or expanded and standardized. The "yikou shangxia"[1] aid mechanism has been improved and around 250 million yuan in social assistance and aid funds has been distributed among 530,000 people. There is also a free funeral service in place, while "Sunshine homes" can now be found the towns of Anting, Nanxiang, Xuxing, and Huating,.

The Housing Guarantee Project active and moving forward

The city's housing guarantee project in Jiangqiao, Yunxiang, and Chengbei Daju is moving at a rapid pace, with 720,000 square meters of land ready for use, and work on 500,000 square kilometers of land finished. The application process for the housing with common property is complete for 327 families in the first group. The city has promoted the use of a "Universal coverage for eligible residents (shiwu peizu)"[2] policy, which has benefitted 119 families with new low-rent housing, bringing the total number to 665. The district set up a Public Rental Housing Co with 38,000 sq m of public housing, which are ready to rent, such as Huimin Jiayuan and Longhu Licheng. Construction work on other bases, such as Phase I of Yunxiang Daju and Chengbei Daju No.1 has begun, work on 742,000 sq m of district housing have begun, and work on 754,000 sq m district-affiliated housing has begun, which have completed 123.7% and 125.6% of the planned construction areas respectively and 3,261 people have moved in.

Work on rural areas and farmers and agriculture has had an effect

There is a policy to improve agriculture, benef farmers, and make rural life better, with grain production subsidies raised to 650 yuan per mu[ and farm machinery subsidies now at 37,690,000 yuan. Meanwhile, the per capita income of rural families has grown 11.7 percent, surpassing growth of urban incomes fo tour consecutive years. The use of modern agriculture has also been developing at a steady pace, while work on high-yield crop fields and facilities, and vegetable fields is progressing and five new pollution-free agricultural businesses have emerged. Farmer housing land replacement has continued with a new round with a central residential area in the town of Waigang, with 290,000 sq m of a sealed roof structure. There is a new round of support for underdeveloped villages along with reforms in the collective property system at the village level, while 18 village groups have been rescinded. Living condition in rural areas have continued to get better and a village transformation project involving about 3,000 farm households is finished, while 32 new rural business networks have been along with 140 breakfast-supply centers.

Increasing public service capacity

There is public financial security based on population numbers, with spending keeps its tendency toward livelihoods, with priority given to the education strategy and the special administration of quality, balanced compulsory education. At the same time, seven schools have been added, and 14 private primary schools merged with district public schools, allowing for an increase in the inclusion of migrant worker children in the compulsory public education system to 59.7 percent. there is a new round of health care reforms going on, with more standardized training for assistant general practitioners as a national pilot project, while the range of family doctor services has brought the number of contractors to 93,000. In the towns of Anting and Waigang, an industrial estate and Jiading new town have been designated municipal community health service models. Construction work on Jiading Gymnasium has begun and many people took part in the 1st citizens sports meeting, ranking top in the whole city.

Achievements in cultural development

Development work on a municipal public culture service system is finished and it has obviously added something to the quality of culture services, as the facilities mature, and work on a district museum gets near to completion, The roof on the Poly Theater is complete and work on interior decoration of the Han Tianheng Gallery has begun. Meanwhile, the Shanghai Painting and Calligraphy Academy has 40 Book Societies and there are three 24-hour lending-service neighborhood libraries, along with 42 public culture demonstration sites for freer, more open facilities. The focus is on developing and inculcating social forces in the district, and improving goods and services through different channels, and there are 2,240 types of cultural activities, with around 792,000 participants. These include the People's Great Stage and 4th People's Reading Month and there is an etiquette training project for everyone under the name "Enlightened, Musical Jiading".

Stronger management

The analysis and evaluation of social stability is continuing to reinforce safety at the production and construction level, as well as fire protection, transportation, and food and drug purity for greater public security and controls and better governance. The public security index is among the top in urban districts and it has won seven model–city championships in a row nationally. The district human resource and social security ministry has gained an advanced national human resources and social security title. The district also takes the lead in achieving a new civilized town and community standard above the municipal level. The town of Nanxiang has won a national Civilized Town award and Zhenxin St is recognized as a national Civilized Unit. The good-neighborly site in the town of Jiading has been chosen as one of the Top 10 innovative municipal social construction projects, while the "Town managed community" model has been promoted along with more innovative community administration practices. As the work on "Five centers", in community affairs, health services, and culture, moves on, optimal use is made of public services and resources.


[1] Meaning, the Municipal Civil Affairs Department gathers basic information on families with difficulties as part of a social aid network so various departments can help the families.

[2] The government provides families with certain economic difficulties standardized lower rent housing.



Jiading Fahua Pagoda

The Fahua Pagoda, 40.8 meters tall, is a square, brick-wood structure with seven stories, accessible by ladders.