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Female painter brushes sparkles in her life

( Updated: 2017-04-11

Female painter brushes sparkles in her life

A painting by Yan Ping. [Photo/]

The National Art Museum of China has launched its latest exhibition, titled "The Sparkle of Life", which features 20 works of an academic artist, Yan Ping.

The exhibition was organised by the museum to promote the development of contemporary Chinese art.

Yan, born in 1956 in Jinan of Shandong province, said painting has been her lifetime friend, with loneliness and sorrow as the inspiration of her creativity. Yan is now a professor at Renmin University.

"To me, the brightest light is not from the sun, but from my heart – a boundless artistic world," she said.

Yan said her work was designed to explore the relation between art and life, as well as independence and freedom. Her understanding of world and people, were presented by using thick and various colors on canvas.

The exhibition will be open to the public until April 16, 2017.

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