• Little Lamb hot pot restaurant


    The Little Lamb hot pot restaurant is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inner Mongolia Little Lamb Animal Husbandry Technology Co Ltd. Located at No 77, Wenhua Road, Qingshan district, Baotou

  • Little Sheep hot pot restaurant


    Established in August 1999 in Baotou, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the Little Sheep hot pot restaurant is a catering enterprise engaged in hot pot, condiments production and mutton processing.

  • Baotou specialties


    Baotou specialties are mainly represented by beef, mutton and a variety of noodles. Many featured restaurants and delicacies are found in Gangtie Street, which is dubbed “the first street beyond the Great Wall”.

  • Kumiss


    Kumiss is a traditional beverage of herdsmen in the Inner Mongolia region and across Asia, where it is drunk in summer, when the heavy fragrance can permeate the vast prairie.

  • Ghee


    Ghee is essence kind of liquid butter, with important nutrients, and was only used in the past for honored guests or important festivals in the Inner Mongolia region.

  • Mongolian diet


    The The Mongolians' nomadic way of life determined their diet, which traditionally consisted mainly of the meat, milk and other dairy products provided by the livestock.

  • Mongolian boiled lamb


    For herdsmen, boiled lamb is a plain, traditional meal, one that has endured for a thousand years.

  • Mongolian milk tea


    Milk tea can alleviate fatigue, stimulate the appetite, help digest, lower blood pressure, and prevent arteriosclerosis.

  • Braised camel hoof


    Camel hooves are a special kind of delicacy in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and just as famous as China's legendary bear paws.

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