2015 Baotou Government Work Report

Updated: 2015-10-29

Key figures in 2014

GDP: 370 billion yuan.

Baotou's GDP reached 370 billion yuan ($58.28 billion) in 2014, up 8.5 percent over the previous year.

Fixed-asset investment: 344 billion yuan.

A total of 344 billion yuan went into fixed-asset investment, an increase of 15 percent over the previous year.

Consumer goods revenue: 118 billion yuan.

The total retail revenue of social consumer goods reached 118 billion yuan, an increase of 10 percent.

Public budget revenue: 23.43 billion yuan.

The public finance budgetary revenue is 23.43 billion yuan, increasing by 8.9 percent.

Disposable income per capita (urban): 9%.

The urban residents' per capita disposable income reached 35,640 yuan, up 9 percent.

Disposable income per capita (rural): 11%.

The rural residents' per capita disposable income reached 12,820 yuan, up 11 percent.

Growth targets for 2015

GDP: 8%.

Fixed-asset investment: 13%.

Public budget revenue: 7%.

Disposable income per capita (urban): 9 %.

Disposable income per capita (rural): 10%

Job creation (urban): 41,000

CPI growth rate: < 3%

Major tasks in 2015

Task 1: Achieve steady and sound economic development

1) Take a series of measures to ensure that enterprises work properly.

2) Speed up the construction of more than 700 major industrial projects.

3) Focus on the construction of electricity, aviation, transportation, gas network, port and data projects through 72.2 billion yuan of investments.

Task 2: Accelerate transformation and upgrading of the industries

1) Speed up reform and promotion of industries, including aluminum, equipment manufacturing, rare earth, coal chemical and energy.

2) Promote the modern service industry, involving logistics, finance, cultural tourism, emerging services and traditional commerce and trade services.

3) Strive to develop modern agriculture and livestock husbandry:

a. Promote vegetables in the southern part and potatoes in the northern part, and develop dairy and meat industries.

b. Develop 30 modern agriculture and livestock husbandry as well as leisure demonstration bases.

c. Develop 10 national and autonomous regional leading enterprises.

d. Encourage more agricultural and livestock products to register trademarks.

4) Enhance the development of science and technology innovation, develop a scientific and technological innovation service center, a national sustainable development pilot and speed up establishing a national leading high-quality demonstration city.

Task 3: Carry out reform in several key fields, including reforms of economic system, administrative system, rural urbanization and pastoral areas, ecological civilization system, as well as reform and development of social undertakings.

Task 4: Balance urban and rural development

1) Enhance service functions of urban area.

2) Strive to develop economy in counties.

3) Strengthen ecological construction and environmental protection.

Task 5: Improve residents’ living standards

1) Facilitate employment and create more jobs.

2) Speed up construction of housing projects for low-income families.

3) Promote 'Ten Full Coverage' project in rural and pastoral areas.

4) Carry out detailed poverty alleviation work.

5) Improve and reform urban administration projects.

6) Make efforts to crack down on all kinds of crimes, to maintain a safe city.

7) Implement the action plan for preventing and controlling air pollution.

8) Carry out water supply improvement project.

9) Intensify food safety supervision.

10) Keep on improving traffic facilities.

Task 6: Enhance Baotou’s legal system construction

1) Exercise governance in accordance with the laws and bring all government work in line with the rule of law, enhance the government's administrative capacity and public credibility

2) Improve government performance and efficiency of public administration, modernize the governance system.

3) Work painstakingly to develop a law-based society.

4) Baotou municipal government must establish a good image to provide better services for local residents.