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Natural resources      
Pingdingshan has abundant resources under and on the ground. There are 57 kinds of proved minerals. The total output of raw coal is 10.3 billion tons.

Economy of Pingdingshan      
Pingdingshan has a solid industrial foundation. Through more than a half century’s development, it has become an industrial city focusing on energy and raw materials and comprehensively developing coal, electric power, metallurgical, chemical, textile and building material industries.

Overview of transportation and highways      
In July 2002, the first expressway in Pingdingshan city – Pingdingshan section of Xupingnan Expressway broke ground. By December 2008, five expressways had been open to traffic, with a total mileage of 354 kilometers and total investment of 13.4 billion yuan.

Population and nationalities      
The natural growth rate of population in Pingdingshan in 2008 was 5.2‰. The total population was 5.011 million, including 2.014 million urban residents and 2.997 million rural residents.

Overview of Pingdingshan’s tourism      
Pingdingshan city, located in the central part of Henan province, is an excellent tourism destination city and one of the nine backbone cities in the central plain area.

Wugang city      
Wugang is located in the central part of Henan province.

City flower and city sculpture      
The city flower is Chinese rose, with a scientific name rose chinensis. Chinese roses, of the rosaceae family, were originally raised inJiangsu,Zhejiang,ShandongandHebeiprovinces.

Weidong district      
Weidong district, located in the eastern part of urban Pingdingshan.

Xinhua district      
Xinhua district, located in the central and western parts of Pingdingshan, is the political, economic, cultural and trade center of the city.

Yexian county      
Yexian county was named the Capital of China’s Rock Salt by the China Mining Association.

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  About Pingdingshan