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Improving people’s livelihoods
By Chen Keyu
Updated: 2011-01-25

To improve people's livelihoods was a major focus at the annual session of the People's Congress in Pingdingshan, a city in central China's Henan province, according to the local government's official website.

During the discussion at the third session of the 9th People's Congress, the delegates offered suggestions on how to further improve the people's happiness index, and how to realize a moderately prosperous society. This year's annual session of People's Congress was held from Jan 6 to Jan 13 while the People's Political Consultative Conference started on Jan 6 and ended on Jan 12.

Dong Hansheng, a delegate to the congress, suggested that economic development and improvement of people's livelihoods be granted equal emphasis. He suggested four steps: improving the people's happiness index, providing highly qualified administrators and services, learning people’s main concerns and focusing on improving people's livelihoods.

Another delegate, Wang Xicheng said that to make people more happy, the government should ensure that economic development is for the benefit of the people and that the fruits of that development be shared by all people. He also urged the pursuit of education to promote social progress and individual development in an all-around manner so as to promote social harmony.

He proposed that attention be paid to increasing the people's incomes, creating better living conditions, and promoting the fair distribution of public services. He also called for advanced transportation development, to establish the social medical and healthcare system and to promote conservation.

Hu Jiyuan, a member of the city's People's Political Consultative Conference, a political advisory group, proposed integrating the improvement of people's livelihoods with the government's energy-saving efforts. He said natural gas should be promoted to take the place of coal-generated gas. He said the city plans to replace the coal gas facilities serving 160,000 households with natural gas ones facilities. About one-fourth of the work already has been done, he said.

Employment, people's living conditions, and the need for comprehensive social welfare coverage also occupied the discussions of the delegates.

Hou Hongguang, a commissioner, said creating jobs was importantt as "the basis for the people's welfare".

Hou said policies should be adopted to help employees and enterprises hurt by external economic forces. Every means should be made to meet the demands of different social groups. College graduates should be encouraged to participate in internships and also provided help when starting their own businesses.

Shan Zhiwei, another delegate, proposed improving people's livelihood by supporting the construction of higher-quality homes. The construction of infrastructure projects should be granted priority, he said, while the industrial restructuring should be supported as a way to exploit more land, maximize land values and advance social development.

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