Yi ethnic group

The people of Yi ethnic group are the sixth largest ethnic minority in China. About 700,000 Yi people live in Guizhou Province, mainly in Bijie county, Liupanshui and Anshun county. more>>

Miao ethnic group

Miao is an ethnic group in China which is mainly distributed across Guizhou, Yunnan, Hunan and Sichuan provinces, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, as well as Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia. more>>

Dong ethnic group

Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture in Southeast China's Guizhou province has the largest concentration of the people of Dong ethnic group in China with a total Dong population of 1.21 million, 40.8 percent of the total. With a population of more than 320,000 Dong people, Liping county has the largest Dong population of any county in China. more>>


A large number of ethnic groups inhabit Southwest China's Guizhou province, including the Miao, Dong, Yi, Buyi, Tujia, and Gelao ethnic groups. Guizhou has many scenic areas with unique characteristics that showcase its distinctive ethnic culture. Two such scenic areas are the Xijiang 1,000-Household Miao village and Zhaoxing Dong village. So come enjoy Guizhou's marvelous and ethnically diverse world!
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Xijiang 1,000-household Miao village

Zhaoxing Dong village

Mu'e'ge ancient city

Basha Miao village

Yunshe village: home of China's Tujia culture

Feilong village scenic area

Nahui Bouyei village

Gelao Dansha ancient village

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