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Pingtan looks to villages to promote cultural tourism

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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Pingtan looks to villages to promote cultural tourism

A stone folk dwelling dating back more than 100 years in Beigang village, Pingtan, Fujian province. [Photo/ptnet.cn]

As part of its drive to transform the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone into an international tourist destination, the government is developing innovative attractions to lure visitors, Pingtan Times reported on Sept 1.

One such plan is the creation of four themed villages specializing in different cultural elements and activities. Beigang village will become a hub of culture, art and traditional handicrafts, Baisheng village will be a center for fishing, Yangwulou village will focus on coffee industry, and Dacuoji village will promote healthy and revitalizing tea.

The villages are aimed at showing the very best of Pingtan's distinctive culture, improving its rural tourism and maintaining sustainable development in historic areas.

Beigang village is home to a handful of stone folk dwellings which have been renovated on the inside to become unique homestays for tourists. To push the village’s cultural creation, many renowned artists from China and abroad will be invited to open studios there.

The rest of the villages, which are now either being restored or under construction, are expected to put Pingtan firmly on the map for cultural tourism.