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First cross-border e-commerce wine order uncorked in Pingtan

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-09-01

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Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone pulled in an order of 14,100 bottles of French wine via cross-border e-commerce, the first order of its kind in Fujian province.

The order is the latest example of how the nature of importing has changed since the introduction of cross-border e-commerce, making it easier and more affordable for local importers to bring in shipments of goods.

The tax breaks put in place for e-commerce importers means they are able to sell their imported goods at a cheaper price to the consumer.

Lin Zongren, principal of Pingtan Yilu Cross-border E-commerce said that the e-commerce model not only benefits importers but also consumers. "The next step is to adopt multiple modes of operation, making it possible for wine lovers and consumers to enjoy an even greater variety of imported wine," Lin said.

An official of the cross-border office said that to satisfy consumers' diversified needs and to reduce costs, multiple operations should be developed, such as warehousing and favorable taxation.