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Promoting Pingtan villages by film

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-07-26

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Three villages in the Pingtan area of Fujian province – Dongmei, Guocai, and Beigang – will be the subject of a 100-part film to promote rural tourism spots in the province that will soon be showing on provincial media, as typical examples of the area's offerings.

In explaining the move, Lin Xinbao, a Pingtan tourism official, says that the three have good qualifications as "characteristic villages" and that Dongmei is a "beautiful village" with many scenic spots around it.

The film hones in on typical rural tourism destinations and tries to explain the villages' characteristics, specialties, historical figures, souvenirs, and transportation, with each one running three minutes one episode per village. Shooting and production work on the videos is already finished.

The series is expected to be aired on major satellite TV stations and other popular sites to promote Pingtan, its villages, and other Fujian cities.