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Fujian FTZ implements measures to simplify trade

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-07-26

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Trade facilitation measures including the issuing of a parallel importing of cars policy have been implemented at the Fujian Free Trade Zone (FTZ) recently.

According to Fuzhou Customs, in the first half of this year, 4,441 imported cars were declared. The value of imports exceeded 1.3 billion yuan ($19 million) in the first six months of 2016, roughly 1.5 times that of last year. The import and export volume totaled 508.29 billion yuan, with export volume amounting 34.17 billion yuan, increasing by 3.9 percent, higher than the national average.

The trade service platform named "Ali One Touch" was launched last year and has simplified the system and made trading more efficient. The platform standardizes the import and export process of customs clearance, tax refunding, foreign currency and logistics, which reduces costs and shortens the processing time.

A major project to benefit from the new system is the Southeastern Wine Trading Center, China's fourth biggest wine importer. The company has experienced a boost in trade volume with its beer imports accounting for a quarter of the national total.

Last August, a 12,733-kilometer railway route linking Xiamen, Fujian province and Lodz, Poland was put into operation with the freight train running twice a week on Thursday and Sunday. Serving as a logistics channel, the freight train has run 26 times in the first half of this year, carrying goods worth $70 million.