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Future mail arrives at Pingtan Sand Sculpture Park

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-07-15

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While express mail represents efficiency and speed and is prevalent now, there is a different type of mail called "future mail" which will soon be available at Pingtan Sand Sculpture Park on July 16, according to local media ptnet.cn.

Future mail allows people to post memorable things to themselves and friends at any future date and time they choose.

Visitors can mail letters, postcards, and even their sand sculpture works made in the park to themselves or friends and family at any given future date, be it a week, month, year or even 10 years from now. By putting their post into different boxes which represent different dates in the future, the mail will be sent at that time.

The thought of being able to remind yourself or others of the lovely time you had in the past, is a truly smile-inducing thought.

The sculpture parks tickets are postcard-shaped and are able to be posted with a stamp. Officials from the park hope that visitors will be able to reminisce about the wonderful time they had there at a future date.

Located near the south gate of Pingtan Sand Sculpture Park, the post office is currently being decorated.