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Olympic official encourages Pingtan to develop water sports

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-05-09

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Pingtan, Fujian province shall take advantage of its island location to make itself a significant place for water sports events, said Yu Zaiqing, vice president of the International Olympic Committee, who visited Pingtan on May 8 to inspect its capability in hosting sports events.

These remarks were made when Yu toured the Longfengtou Beach, where the sand beach and sea water are well protected. Yu said that Pingtan enjoys preferential policies and boasts natural advantages for water sports events.

The vice president also went to see the Pingtan Closure, an integrated customs supervision and management system, to learn about the zone's overall planning, current development, as well as customs supervision and management.

Yu gave a thumb-up to the area's unique customs supervision and management system and considered it beneficial to host sports events. He also said that Pingtan has great potential in sports sector.

In addition, Yu also visited the Pingtan Softball Stadium, where this year's cross-Straits women's softball game is taking place. He encouraged the area to hold more cross-Straits sports events by using its favorable location close to Taiwan.