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Pingtan FTZ excels in innovative measures

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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The China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone recently released a list of its 34 innovative measures, 14 of which are the first to be coined in the country. The Pingtan area of Fujian FTZ has nine such measures, five of which were created and owned by Pingtan itself, ptnet.cn reported on April 15.

The five innovative measures are as follows:

Cross-Straits Arbitration Center

Inaugurated in Pingtan on Dec 29, 2015, the Cross-Straits Arbitration Center aims to solve cross-Straits civil and commercial disputes and advance cooperation in trade and legal affairs.

Taiwan people who work, live or study on the Chinese mainland can entrust the center to solve their commercial or property disputes through arbitration and mediation, or by reference to Taiwan's civil law if it does not violate the mainland's basic legal principles or public interest.

Mainland Travel Permits for Taiwan Residents (MTP)

Pingtan was approved to grant five-year Mainland Travel Permits for Taiwan Residents (MTP) on Nov 30, 2015. Its entry-exit administration department has set up agencies in Taiwan's Taipei and Taichung cities.

Taiwan residents can submit their applications at the agencies and send them to the Pingtan public security bureau online. The Pingtan bureau will complete all procedures, including approval and card-making, in two days.

Integrated Version of Project Feasibility Study Report

Pingtan launched the trial operation of an integrated version of a project feasibility study report, which contains both a feasibility study and an environmental impact assessment. The two parts were previously reported separately.

"Six in One" Case Management System

Pingtan launched a "Six in One" case management system, which includes six types of administrative punishment cases – industry and commerce, food and medicine, quality supervision, commodity price, intellectual property, and hygiene.

Taiwan Youth Startup and Employment Service Base

Pingtan set up a youth startup and employment service base at the Taiwan Innovation Park, to provide training and skills certification services for Taiwan people. It brought in Taiwan's related courses, teaching materials and evaluation standards to provide better service.