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Pingtan officials visit Wuyi New Area for cooperation

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-03-18

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A group of officials from Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, Fujian province led by Xu Weize, director of its administrative committee visited the Wuyi New Area in Nanping, Fujian on March 16 to promote cooperation between the two areas, ptnet.cn reported.

The officials went to see the key projects of the area, such as Wuyi Mountain East High-speed Railway Station, Chongyang Brook scenic spot and a high-tech park. During their visit, in addition to the key projects, they also learnt about specifics of policies and government planning of the area.

Xu Weize mentioned the high-speed railway station project in particular and spoke highly of its planning and design. He said that they shall learn from this successful experience to promote the construction of Pingtan's high-speed railway station.

After the tour, the delegates also attended a meeting with authorities of Nanping and Wuyi to exchange ideas about mutual cooperation.

Zhang Peidong, secretary general of Nanping Party committee said that the two areas have close relations. He intended to strengthen cooperation with Pingtan and promote mutual exchanges in industrial planning and investment attraction.

Xu Weize said that he gained a better understanding of the Wuyi New Area by seeing its achievements in ecological construction, city planning, industrial development and system innovation.

Xu claimed that they will learn from Wuyi to facilitate Pingtan's development.